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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read about how we are trying to help the world.

Our story

Hello! My name is Freshta and I am a sophomore at Calvin University from Kabul, Afghanistan. I am studying Political Science and Pre-Law, and very passionate about bringing change in systems and communities around the world. I am also a global human rights activist at the International Congress of Youth Voices, and serve as a public speaker (feel free to Google my work if interested). 


From a young age, I have been on a mission to fight injustice and this for me has come in many ways. From the shutting down of my school by the Taliban to fighting and advocating for the rights of children, women and marginalized groups in my homeland as well as the United States, I have committed myself to serve the voiceless, which brings us to the purpose of this website. 


Currently, we are in an extreme health crisis, which affects many individuals in areas of healthcare, shelter, and employment to name a few. The main motive behind my sewing masks were to help protect the homeless from unjust exposure to COVID-19, especially with the closure of homeless shelters and the lack of insurance. However, not only do I want to protect them, but I want to help prevent the spread of this virus, at all times, especially for the protection of the elderly. I also understand it is difficult for many of us, especially parents and essential workers to remain away from necessities that they have to step into public for (groceries, prescriptions, work, etc.), and these masks can prevent the unintentional spread of this very contagious disease. So please spread the word, get a mask or two for yourself and a loved one and help save a life!